South View School, that opened a little more than 100 days ago, has now formally been inaugurated in Dubai’s Remraam Community and causing quite a stir for all the right reasons! We’ve been hearing a lot about their focus on “authentic British education” and even more about their competitive school fees!

FS1 starts at a very reasonable AED 35,000  rising to AED 52,500 for Year 8. Not only are the fees structured to ascend proportionately all the way to Secondary, (and therefore avoiding the need to take out a second mortgage – phew!), but their high-value fee structure ticks all corners of the box for all-important school affordability – especially when you hear what you can get for those fees!

Being a ‘Founding family’, you’ll automatically qualify for a whole host of savings. For example, South View School’s ‘Founder’s Fee Discount’ which will remain in place for the first three years of operation of the school, as well as a ‘Transport Discount’ and ‘Lifetime Sibling Discount’ that starts from the second child. Sounds good doesn’t it? It gets better – read on!

With 100 days under their belts since the school opened in September, we’ll go as far as to say that South View School appears to be firmly delivering on its promise to re-define what parents in Dubai can now expect from a British curriculum school in this fee segment.

With a capacity for 1,800 Foundation, Primary and Secondary students, their facilities are very impressive including separate and dedicated specialist science, art, music, IT and athletic facilities, in addition to separate play areas and social spaces for each age group.

What we really like is the addition of small but invaluable details like three separate drop off zones for parents, a separate entrance for secondary students and a café that’s been built between the swimming pool and the sports field with massive windows on both sides so parents can watch!

There’s no doubt that South View School has first-rate sports facilities; So much so, that they’ve even been selected to host the British Schools in the Middle East (BSME) Games that are taking place from the 14th to 16th March. (If you’re not aware of it already, The BSME Games are often the pinnacle of the BSME member schools’ sporting calendar, and the leading inter-country multiple sports competition in the Middle East!)

With 14 member schools from the Middle East competing, it no doubt requires excellent facilities to host an event of this scale so it’s no surprise to learn that South View School have seized the opportunity – proudly show casing their full secondary school-sized FIFA approved football pitch, a competition-sized, temperature-controlled swimming pool (that can be used all year round – hooray!), as well as a smaller training pool for the younger Foundation Stage children.

Many of the BSME fixtures will also take place in their 3 Multi-Purpose Halls that have been designed to accommodate a range of athletics disciplines, while the outdoor roof courts will be busy hosting netball, basketball and many other sports.

South View School’s students have access to 3 dedicated tennis courts for their own tennis programme, Facilities like this have never been seen in Dubai within this Tuition Fees segment.

South View School by its very own definition identifies the degree to which the profit motive impacts on school fees. It’s refreshingly clear to see what can be achieved with an owner that’s openly committed to a more ‘finely tuned balance of profit’ to favour the parents and families of Dubai’s students, over their own returns. This is a very interesting pull for many British families, (and what’s more, potentially game-changing) as many parents in Dubai’s nearby communities are naturally investing their bets.

Building on the heritage of the ever-popular Wonder Years Nursery and Victory Heights Primary School (on which South View Schools’ Primary phase has been modelled), South View School is now the fifth school in the UAE to be operated by Interstar Advisory Services (IAS) who have been driving the ‘high-quality-low-fees’ strategy in Dubai since 1998. With over 16,000 students in the UAE, Interstar are now firmly on the map being one of the largest education providers in the country – and are most definitely one to watch!

Each of Interstars’ schools has its own uniqueness – as well as culture, and these are ultimately being driven by their School Leadership Teams and teaching staff. In the case of South View School, it’s Principal Joanne Wells who is at the helm – leading an exceptional team of teaching staff and a student-led curriculum to encourage happy and confident learners.

Jo makes no excuses for achieving the highest academic and non-academic excellence for South View School. Students as young as Year 3 will learn French and Spanish in addition to mandatory Arabic and Jo says she’s confident to be able to sustain South View School’s standards through “continuous target setting and ongoing management, and with an education that doesn’t just challenge but also extends our students to prepare for life in the 21st century.”

There’s a whole heap of other brilliant initiatives that are taking place outside of the classroom; diverse extra-curricular activities have been integrated into the school day with an intentional purpose to nurture excellence and consistency amongst even the youngest of students.

But what we really LOVE about South View School, is their strong focus on community – and especially the warm, family feel it has. South View School regularly host events having recently held the ‘Small Schools, Big Sing’ event where 7 reputed British schools came together for a spectacular music event to honour the ‘Year of Zayed.’ There’s also South View’s very own ‘SVS Coffee Club’ mornings that attract well known speakers from all over Dubai and ‘SVS Bootcamps’ that are held weekly for mums, conducted by a professional trainer.

South View School have an excellent, motivated teaching team and their purpose built campus is fantastic. Clearly, prospective parents do still have a wealth of choice when it comes to schools in Dubai, but if you’re currently contemplating schools for your child, South View School offers an excellent value proposition and is definitely one to explore further. To book a tour to see for yourself, click here.

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