Meet British mum Kerry who is 37 and has lived in Dubai for a year. We chat to Kerry to find out what brought her to Dubai and whether after one year of living here, does this feel like home?

Q. Where’s your hometown and what do you love most about it? 

I come from Peterborough and I just love all my friends that live there but my family are all from Grantham in Lincolnshire. 

We left the UK back in March 2014 with just our suitcases in our hands! We rented out our house with no plans other than to be able to travel the Indian Ocean and see where we ended up! We had a real adventure and it was a toss up between moving to Mauritius or here! Mauritius is beautiful for a holiday but it does have a slow paced life and as we had been here on holiday here a couple of times, we decided to give it a whirl! We finally arrived in Dubai in June 2016 and were ever so lucky as my husband found a job pretty much straight away.

Q. Does Dubai feels like home to you?

A. I would love to say yes –  I truly would, but whilst we do love living in the Mira townhouse community, I miss my friends and family terribly  that it doesn’t quite feel like home yet. 

Q. Apart from your friends and family, what do you miss most about back home? 

A. The weather – yes honestly! Although there may be plenty of mums who say the opposite, I do love the seasons back home and especially going out for pub lunches, taking a nice country walk, strolling the beach with some fish and chips and simply picking up my bag and going to meet my best friend for a wine and a gossip! 

Q. Most British mums will stock up on things when they visit the UK. What are your must-have items to pack in your suitcase that you can’t be without?

Yarn and more yarn. I’m an avid crocheter and getting the right quality is hard to find here. I really enjoy making and selling my creations on Facebook and Instagram with the same name – Great Balls of Yarn and I also crochet cocoons for Small and Mighty Babies memory boxes which go to families who experience neonatal loss, stillbirth or miscarriage. 

Although I don’t work as such, I’m a full time stay at home mummy and my job is to have as much fun with my 3 and a half year old Daughter as I can (whilst squeezing in the house work in between) so when my husband walks through the door it’s always family time! We love going swimming together and use our community pools at least 3 times a week and I’m lucky as my husband normally arrives home at 5pm so we can all have dinner around the table then play or read and my Daughter Elsie is a passionate book worm!

Q. Tell us something about yourself that people don’t already know.

I am an old lady in disguise and crochet every single day no matter what! Depending on the time of day there could be a cuppa alongside or a wine, gin, Baileys or a beer – you get the idea! 

Q. What has been your favourite family holiday destination and why?

A. We went to Sri Lanka as a family and absolutely loved it – both for its family friendly appeal and the fact that it’s full of beautiful both people and it’s a beautiful place itself. I’d go back in a heartbeat. 

Q. What are your ‘pet hates’ in life?

A. I really don’t like people being unkind to one another, it’s just not necessary.

Q. What are the hidden gems or your favourite places to go that will be great tips for other British mums?

I love taking my Daughter to the Mall of Emirates Library – it’s saved us so much money too so if you don’t want to start a huge collection of books that you might read once or twice, borrowing books from the library is a great option. We go every other week and spend time reading in the peace and quiet there too, and then we have lunch in the mall together – just me and my daughter and that’s such a precious time for us. 

Q. What are your best money-saving tips to share with British mums living in Dubai?

Join your local community Facebook page for ideas of things to do that’s local to you. Often people are giving things away for free on these pages – even if it’s their time they’re giving you or simply a kettle to have a local mums meet up!

Q. What’s your favourite family-friendly restaurant in Dubai and why?

We don’t actually like family friendly restaurants as we believe in taking our daughter everywhere and anywhere with us – and we always have. She eats what we eat and sits at the table with books, colours or puzzles for the duration and will even happily do this during a brunch. 

Q. Where’s your favourite special restaurant in Dubai and why? 

A. One of my favourites is Shanghai Chic at the Movenpick Ibn Battuta Gate Hotel as I adore scoffing lots during their tasting menu!

Q. We all need some down time occasionally! If you had a whole day to yourself, what would be your ideal mum’s ‘me time’?

A. A long hot shower without stepping on toys in the bath, a cup of strong coffee outside with my kindle listening to the birds and then a whole day crocheting watching a film, listening to a podcast or music and scoffing British chocolates with a naked butler pouring me endless cocktails!

Q. What’s the last book you read and the last TV series you watched? 

A. I recently read Saving April by Sarah Denzil which was a really good psychological suspense thriller. I also enjoyed watching Line of Duty.

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